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Sewing machine

Ultrasonic plastic welding M/C, ultrasonic design & mfg. automatic M/C, nonwoven automatic machine, hot air seam sealing machine, all kind of welding machine. When joining thermoplastic materials using ultrasonic, you will find Super Ultrasonic to be your ideal partner with the best solutions for your ultrasonic applications. The beginning of Super Ultrasonic dates back to year of 1992. We are committed to providing our worldwide customers with the best solutions, products, and work processes.

Ultrasonic can be used on Plastic, Nonwoven, Packaging, Textile, Stationery and so on. The applications of ultrasonic is quite wide. Economics, quick turn-around, availability, safety, environmental concerns, and efficiency are all key elements in our focus on quality improvements. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our customers when developing a solution to their welding applications.

Super Ultrasonic do the continuous development and improvement of our products, service, and procedures base on market demands and customer needs. Hope Super Ultrasonic can have the pleasure to provide our services to you.

Include following solution:
Ultrasonic sewing machine series
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine series
Ultrasonic plastic tube sealing machine series
Ultrasonic high frequency welding machine series