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Biomass gasifier

200 KW Biomass syngas power system

Brief introduction:

1. This whole system is mainly consist of 1 sets of FW-600SA biomass gasifier with 1 sets of 200kw biomass gas genset. Before the gasifier, if raw material is wet and big, there should be a drying and crushing system. FW-600SA type biomass gasifier adopts downdraft fluidized bed gasification technology, turn all kinds of biomass feedstock into flammable gas, and then remove the dust, cool, remover the tar of the gas, then transport the gas into gas engine to generate electricity, by this way get high quality energy from low quality energy. This technology confirm the continuously operation of the gasification system, improve the calorific value of the flammable gas, reduce the tar and dust in the gas. 

2. Gasification principle Biomass feedstock feed into the gasifier reactor from the top, then be dried by heat, with rising of temperature, its volatile matter will come out and pyrolysis under high temperature, the gas after pyrolysis together with carbon will burning with air in the Oxidization zone, generate CO and steam, the heat will bed used to remain drying, pyrolysis and reduction. Gas after burning pass through high temperature carbon layer reduction zone, react with carbon layer(C+CO2=2CO、C+HO2=H2+CO) , generating flammable gas which contains CO, H2, CH4 and CmHn. At the same time, tar will be pyrolysis and oxidized, increase the calorific value of the gas and reduce tar content. 

3. Feedstock material This gasification power system is suitable for all kinds of biomass material such as rice husk, corn core, wood chips, straw; animal manure such as chicken manure, caw dung; garbage such as: MSW, village waste; industrial material: plastic, rubber Size of the feedstock<30mm, moisture of the feedstock<20%, by these two standard, some of the raw material need to be processed before into the furnace of the gasifier, it will be crushed or dried. 

4. Structure of gasifier The gasifier is consist of gasifier furnace system, dust remove system, temperature cooling system, tar remove system, filter ystem, roots fan, electrical control system and etc.