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Vehicle chassis monitor, gps

FW-1530 Under Vehicle Surveillance System
Item no.: FW-1530

The system mainly focuses on the chassis of all kinds of vehicles, can identify more quickly and accurately the bombs, dubious articles, banned goods, illegal immigrants and smuggler etc. on chassis of vehicles. Compared with the traditional methods (e.g. handset mirror) ,it greatly quickens the inspecting speed to the under vehicles, and decreases the input of manpower and material resources. It adopts advanced computer technology and image processing knowledge, which can take in any information at the chassis in a glance and prevent the entry of dangerous vehicles, so as to close the door on dangers and stifle dangers in the cradle.
China goverment purchase record:
It has been adopted by 2006-2007 NPC & CPPCC,11st World Youth Championship,11st World Women Softball Championship, China-Africa Summit, Capital International Airport, Huanghua Airport in Hunan, Huhehaote Airport in Inter Mongolia etc.