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Trailer and Vehicle


Item no.: FW250 
Style: Cooking westen food 
Brief introduction: 
Mobile field kitchen was designed for Chinese army. Take Chinese army standard quality. Suitable work in the field condition. Such as military, police, disaster, school and any field condition. High efficient cooking ability, easy operation, move fast and long time using life. With two boiler pan, frying pan, roaster, water heating system, working table, water drum and all relative cooking tools. Burner take diesel stove, safe and high efficient. 

Capable of supplying 250 meals within 2 hours, with various food including omelette, bacon, boiling, fries, etc. 

Working ability: 250persons western food within 2 hours. 

Cooking food: Rice, steamed bread, omelette, bacon, boiling, fries and baking etc. 

Main technical specifications: 
◆ Retracted:4200×2250×2520(mm) 
◆ Expanded:5200×4520×2520(mm) 
◆ Weight:1850(kg) 
◆ Chassis Clearance :300(mm) 
◆ Fuels: Kerosenne, coal, wood, diesel (Consumption 22.5kg/h) 

◆ Pot: 2 pcs rectangle fried pot, 2pcs rectangle pot(50kg rice), 2pcs baking room.

ڴ ˮ Ͻ̳ ½С㴫B -A һʫ ĺһ ˮ̳ ȫƽФʽ ˮ̳ ̳] -A 352-B ƻ Фؼ h4۲Ļ ۾() Ф̳ 375С-A ͯˮ̳ Ͻ̳ -2 ţɽ ƽһФʽ ̳ ֳ Ļ-2 n259϶-1 ƽˮ̳ ڲ ߱ϲʹٷ ȨϢ-A Ͻ ϱ 102 168 ׽Ӵ-A ֳֳ ϱˮ̳ ʫ880 ½ϲͼ ½ϲ ±£, Ա ϲʻʣ1 ۰ĴƴA ϰ۲ʰ-A