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Safety detector and bomb suit

Mine detector(bomb or metal detector) 

Item no.: FW350A 
FW350 type metal detector with high power emission, automatic tracking system, it has enough detection depth and accurate recognition capability, it is a professional type of ultra deep detectors, especially suitable for deep exploration operations. 

Metal buried in the ground, we through thick layers to exploration, will inevitably be affected by gelogical structure, Formation contains a varity of minerals, they will also make the metal detector signal, the signal of some minerals will cover up the metal signal caused by the illusion. The old test metal used has such experience, with probe swept the uneven ground, signal also followed changes in the, the probe near the mound, stones, bricks will send out alarm sound, the phenomenon known as "mineralization reaction". For this reason, the old test metal detector can only detect the metal in the shallow soil, the metal target of deep buried underground is powerless. This type instrument is equipped with advanced earth balance system, which only choose the metal signal, eliminate the interference of the "mineralization reaction", and greatly improve the detection depth of the instrument. 

This type instrument the "high-low mix design, random equipped with size two probe, in general, such as in indoor or soil condition is very complex, connected to the small probe as conventional detection. The work is stable and accurate, and the ability to resist soil disturbance is strong when the normal detection is used. Under special circumstances, such as in the field of soil uniform lots, to find the target and buried deep, can be connected to the probe to enhance detection and enhance detection instrument has the best penetration, but susceptible to clutter interference. 

Max detection depth: 3.5M(60x60x1cm al plate) 
Operation way: earth balance/ recognition 
Finger data showing 
Launch frequency: 6.99KHz 
Signal frequency: 437Hz 
Weight: 4.5kg 
Battery: no.1,3

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