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Trailer and Vehicle

Products: Mobile field bread baking trailer
Description: Capable of supplying 250 meals within 2 hours, bakes 12-16 12' toasts one time.
Type: FWB250
Working ability: 250persons western main food within 2 hours.
Cooking food: bread.
Main technical specifications:
◆ Retracted:4220×2230×2480(mm)
◆ Expanded:5420×4500×2480(mm)
◆ Weight:2350(kg)
◆ Chassis Clearance :300(mm)
◆ Power Generator:380V/50Hz / 20kW)
Equipment list:
1 Oven 2pcs 14kW
2 Proofer box 1pc 2.7kW
3 Dough mixer 1pc 2.2kW
4 Generator set 1pc 22kW
ڴ ˮ Ͻ̳ ½С㴫B -A һʫ ĺһ ˮ̳ ȫƽФʽ ˮ̳ ̳] -A 352-B ƻ Фؼ h4۲Ļ ۾() Ф̳ 375С-A ͯˮ̳ Ͻ̳ -2 ţɽ ƽһФʽ ̳ ֳ Ļ-2 n259϶-1 ƽˮ̳ ڲ ߱ϲʹٷ ȨϢ-A Ͻ ϱ 102 168 ׽Ӵ-A ֳֳ ϱˮ̳ ʫ880 ½ϲͼ ½ϲ ±£, Ա ϲʻʣ1 ۰ĴƴA ϰ۲ʰ-A