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Vehicle chassis monitor, gps


Item no.: FW1630


In 21 century, peace and development hasve become world-wide theme. However, some inharmonious factors have arisen. Bloody and awful cases have been made by terrorists, such as placing explosives in places with dense population such as public transportations and public places and detonating with remote control and timer. Such acases pose great challenges to the ambiance of social peace and stabilization.
In reaction to phenomenons wich threatening social stabilization by means of explosion and intimidation, we have researched a series of under vehicle scanning systems. Our product mainly focus on rampant car bombs and contraband, having the ability of displaying explosives, suspicious objects and personnels hidden in the under carriage of vehicles. As a result the inspection speed can be greatly improved and human resources and materials can be reduced at the same time.

This manual introduces our fixed under vehicle scanning system, which incorporates leading image processing technologies. The high resolution of under vehicle images reached leading level worldwide. Our products have gain high praise in international and demestic large events. This providing references for high technology security checking industry.

China goverment purchase record:
It has been adopted by 2006-2007 NPC & CPPCC,11st World Youth Championship,11st World Women Softball Championship, China-Africa Summit, Capital International Airport, Huanghua Airport in Hunan, Huhehaote Airport in Inter Mongolia etc.